Pre-course and placement test

The Pre-course of Mathematics is a service offered to the student; it is the first activities scheduled for those who has been admitted to the degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering. The goal of the pre-course is to remind some mathematical concepts that, in theory, should have already been acquired by the student during high school.

Attendance to Pre-course is critical to be able to start, with proficiency, the study of subjects of the first year, especially those in the math area. For this reason the frequency is mandatory, and will be attested by the student through a self-declaration.
The self declaration is the first assumption of responsibility of the student who aims to become an engineer; this because upon signature of a project or an affidavit, he/she will take upon itself much more onerous responsibilities.

The course is based on 9 lessons of 3 hours each, which are taught from the early days of September.

To give to the student the opportunity to check own initial preparation, UniTS offers a self-assessment service based on an on-line placement test. For more details about the test, please read the page

Test On Line CISIA (TOLC)