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Conferenza del prof. Vanni Lughi

Speaker: Vanni Lughi, UNITS
“Energy as a global challenge (and how data science can help)”

Energy is one of the main urgent challenges that mankind is called to face at the global level. The current energy scenario is one involving an ever increasing number of actors and interconnections, drastically changing the energy system and determining an exponential growth of its complexity, which needs to be tackled with the appropriate tools. The dynamics of such change are extremely fast, too, and none of the key players (energy users, energy providers, policy makers) seem to be able to adapt quickly enough to the evolving configuration of the system. In this seminar, I will outline some of the characteristic features of the current system and the main trends of its evolution, painting a possible (and desirable) future. Along the way, I will identify some key areas and opportunities where data science might accompany and have a significant impact on the transformation of the energy system, ranging from the correct approach to complexity, to the use of data mining to identify unsuspected patterns in energy generation systems, to ANNs applied to the modeling of energy generation systems, to machine learning for identifying best user behavior and maximize energy savings.