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The Trieste University, in partnership with the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, Confindustria Venezia Giulia and Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Trieste, and with the sponsorship of twelve Companies (Amped, CGN, Cluster reply, Cybertec, Danieli Automation, Esteco, Fincantieri, Innova, Solari Udine, Telit, U-blox, W√§rtsila), is offering scholarships (gross amount 2.800 Euro) addressed to students willing to attend the Master Degree (MD) in Computer & Electronic Engineering, who satisfy the following


CALL 2018/19 

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ICT - Information & Communication Technologies is the new paradigm of computer and electronic engineering

ICT is meeting point among the technologies that have revolutionized our society: electronics, computer science and telecommunication. Trieste University, among the best universities in Italy for teaching and research, offers you a full 3+2 course in computer & electronic engineering to carry you into the future of ICT. You can choose to specialize in one of five strategic areas, that are highlighted above. Each area contains a coherent set of courses, finalized to improve your skills in this field. Nevertheless, since ICT is highly transversal, you can organize your study plan freely, choosing between among a large number of courses.


A Computer & Electronic Engineer is, first of all, an engineer

"Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been".

The contribution of engineers to our society is already enormous: healthcare, energy, transportations, communication, security, infotainment, retail, sustainable world, economy, .... They all depend vitally on the creativity and expertise of this porfessional figure. The IC Technology, based on the synergistic contribution of electronics, computer science and telecommunication integrated within the Network, can multiply by a huge factor the engineer potentiality.

Good teaching derives from good research

computer & electronic engineer is something more than a simple technician; (s)he is devoted to innovation. But innovation needs to gain acquaintance with the world of research. We firmly believe that good teaching goes through a good research. Here are some of our research laboratories. 



The ICT market is growing exponentially
Exponential growth of ICT means that its growth is simply explosive. Everything related to ICT (numbers of devices, numbers of connections, company investments, kilometres of cables, complexity of ICT structures, ...) is proliferating following an exponential law: this will create an impact also on the job market. Our ICT complex society needs a great number of experts, capable tackling the challenges in the forthcoming ICT society.
The forthcoming ICT challenges
Analytics, Big data, Internet of things, Cloud computing, ...; these are examples of terms that did not exist a few years ago. ICT innovates itself at a speed that is increasing very quickly. The life of each technology, language, device, structure and approach is becoming shorter with respect to the preceding generation. The only way one has to be able to face this complexity is that of having a solid and up to date background.

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